Stanwell own and operate more than 4,000 MW of generation capacity throughout Queensland. From the far north to the south east of the state, Stanwell’s operations use a range of different fuels and generation technologies to meet Queensland’s electricity needs. Stanwell’s diverse portfolio of coal, gas and hydro assets has the capacity to supply more than half of Queensland’s average electricity demand.

Stanwell is a proud generator of environmentally responsible energy – through its portfolio of hydro-electric generators, including Kareeya Hydro Power Station near the Tully Falls, Stanwell generates more than 150 MW of clean energy.

Kareeya Hydro takes its name from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘Big Water’.

How electricity is generated at Kareeya Hydro


Water released from Kooloomba Dam flows to the Tully Falls Weir where it is channelled from the river bed through an intake structure at the Tully Falls Weir. From here, water flows through an underground inclines tunnel to the turbine generating sets in the machine room at Kareeya Hydro.

Each turbine generating set consists of two pelton wheels and a generator. Water being discharged through two nozzles per turbine, strikes the pelton wheels (equipped with 22 buckets) at high velocity.

The rotator spins at 600 revolutions per minute inside the stator windings, and produces 11,000 volts of electricity at a frequency of 50 Hertz (cycles per second). The electricity is increased to 132,000 volts by transformers and is transferred directly into the state-wide electricity transmission system.

Water is then discharged into the tailrace, which returns the water to the Tully River downstream from the Tully Falls.

Sponsorship information

Is your non-for-profit organisation preparing to benefit from the social and economic boost provided by the 2019 WRC?

Stanwell has a Corporate Sponsorship Program (CSP) available for the communities closest to Kareeya Hydro Power Station. The CSP supports activities that enable your organisation to add to the long-term vibrancy, prosperity and inclusiveness of your community.

Please contact Emily Powell at or on 0408 508 456 for more information.

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