2018 Pre – World Championships

9 – 13th May 2018

Hosting the 2019 WRC is the deserved and fitting tribute to the Tully River, the 30+ years of rafting, the 30+ years of rafters, the local community, the traditional owners and custodians, the world class location, and the world famous rapids. It is legacy!

Australian Rafting Federation


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Dates: 9 – 13 May 2018

Location: Tully River, Queensland, Australia

Event Organisers: Australian Rafting Federation (ARF)

Introducing the 2018 Pre-Worlds White Water Rafting Championship, a build up event to the 2019 IRF World Rafting Championships – R6 (6 person rafts) which will be held in Tropical North Queensland on the Tully River. This is an International Rafting Federation (IRF) event and the major title for this sport on the planet.
The Tully River, located in the World Heritage Listed Tully Gorge, has the key river elements necessary for running the four disciplines of the World Rafting Champs. Importantly it presents an accessible river, offers good spectator viewing, and has a site adjacent to the river for the event base. White water rapids are up to a grade 4.
We estimate that teams and officials for the Tully River event would total close to 900 people. Plus spectators!.
Team and spectator accommodation options will include Mission Beach, Tully, and Cardwell. All with great access to the Tully Gorge and River.
Hosting of the ‘Pre Worlds’ event in May 2018 precedes the World Rafting Championship (WRC) event in May 2019. It provides fantastic opportunity for athletes, supporters and spectators to visit the experiences of Tropical North Queensland in and around the Cassowary Coast region.

Past events on the Tully River have included Australian and Queensland Kayaking Championships, multiple National Rafting Championships, Rumble on the River corporate events and an international Eco-Challenge event and XPD events.
The Tully Gorge links very well with other nature based activities in the World Heritage area including mountain biking in the Misty Mountain Trails. Near by is the Great Barrier Reef with cruises from Mission Beach and famous coastal beaches and islands, including Dunk Island and Hinchinbrook Island.
Australia has never hosted the IRF WRC event before. The Tully River with its 30+ year history of white water rafting is the heart and soul of rafting in Australia. It is world renowned amongst professional and competitive rafters and has earned the right to host the best in the world.
The WRC event directly relates to the nature and adventure attributes of the ‘Tropical North Queensland’ region with Tully right in the heart of the adventure capital.



Competition categories for Men and Woman in:
  •  Open
  •  Masters
  •  Youth (U23)
  •  Junior (U19)

Entry AU$350.00 / team (max of 7). Extra competitors are $50pp.

River and dates for each event discipline:
  •  Registration: Wed 09May 2018, morning Tully, North Queensland
  •  Training: Wed 09 May 2018 Tully River, North Queensland
  •  Training: Thu 10 May 2018 Tully River, North Queensland
  •  Sprint: Fri 11 May 2018, morning Tully River, North Queensland
  •  H2H: Fri 11 May 2018, afternoon Tully River, North Queensland
  •  Slalom: Sat 12 May 2018 Tully River, North Queensland
  •  Downriver: Sun 13 May 2018 Tully River, North Queensland

Raft Hire – pre event

Rafts available for hire for training. Must be booked prior with event organisers

Pre- Worlds Australia National Titles

The pre-worlds will also be the 2018 Australian National White Water Rafting event and selection title. ARF run National Titles events annually and these have been run on the Tully River before. Australian competitors must be current members of the Australian Rafting Federation (ARF) International competitors must be current members of their national rafting federation / organisation.

Location of event

Tully is the home town of Tully River white water rafting. Tully will be the event hub with the Tully Gorge a 40 km drive from town to where the Tully River rafting events will happen. An event base will be set up adjacent to the river In the Tully Gorge.

Ceremonies and Entertainment

Offical Opening wil be held at Tully River Event Site or Event Village with a welcome for competing teams and IRF Judges. The Tully Gorge Traditional Owners Groups will be invited to particpate in the opening ceremony and asked if they would provide a Welcome to Country to officially open the event. A closing ceremony will recognise competing teams and the event winning teams.

Raft Racing Information


Start and Finish Lines

The Head to Head Race will start from a fixed position, this will be scruitinised during the PreWorld Event. Finish Line will be established at Cardstone. The Sprint Race will start at the same river site under a start banner. The Finishing Line Banner will be attached via cable across the river. DownRiver Race (Youth and Junior divisions) will start from a natural pool area near Cardstone with the finish banner on the Tully River Bridge DownRiver Master and Open DownRiver Divisions will start upriver at LunchSpot Pool and use the finish line established at Tully River Bridge.


Raft Type – ARK Nile 430 SF.

Slalom Gates

Slalom Race for Masters and Open Divisions will be established at Staircase Rapid, a minimum of 12 gates with a challenging combination of upstream and downstream gates.
During past events Slalom Gates have been set up with the use of aerial wires across the Rivers. For Junior and Youth Divisions consideration is being given to the water level on Staircase Rapid being dropped during the race, to enable one Slalom Course being established for all divisions. There is an alternative option to establish the slalom race for these divisions if required at Cardstone.


Race venues have been selected to maximise viewing access for competitors and spectators and to ensure that excellent turn around times for all disciplines can be achieved. Start and Finish Lines have been selected for their proximity to the Cardstone Marshalling Site and to utilise the river access points to ensure spectator and media opportunities.

 Transport and Accommodation


Travel and Transport

Cairns international and domestic airports are situated 143 km distance by road from Tully Gorge with an average journey time of 2.5 hours. Make time for comfort stops and to see the sights along the Great Barrier Reef Drive.
Townsville domestic airport is situated 240 km distance by road from Tully Gorge. Average journey time by road is 3 hours. Make time for comfort stops and to see the sights along the Great Barrier Reef Drive.
For travel to Tully and Mission Beach a range of vehicle transport options are available, including Rail, coach, and hire vehicles. A number of Cairns vehicle hire companies offer a wide range of car, coach, or camper van hire options.
At the event shuttle coach services will be available between Tully and the Event site.

Accommodation Options:

Accommodation for the Event will be available at the towns surrounding the event location including, Mission Beach, Tully region, Kurrimine Beach, and Cardwell. Accomodation options include resorts, motels, campsites, cabins, and holiday home rentals.
Event Village Event organising committee are in the early stages of planning an ‘Event Village’ location for the May 2018 Pre-Worlds. More information will be available prior to the event.

Accommodation Options in Cairns and Cassowary Coast

Details on accommodation options will be provide in advance of the event to assist team and spectator planning their choices and budgets.


See websites for a preview:

Cairns Accommodation on Arrival :     www.tourismtropicalnorthqueensland.com.au

Cassowary Coast – event local accommodation:          www.tropicalcoasttourism.com.au

Information on vehicle hire options at:

Tourism Tropical North Queensland www.tropicalnorthqueensland.org.au

Accredited Visitor Information Centres: www.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au/tourist-info
for maps and regional information go to: www.tropicalcoasttourism.com.au

Tully River

Tully Gorge features the essence of Australia’s North Queensland nature-based adventure locations. Rafting the Tully River offers adventure action amongst the surrounds of pristine World Heritage Listed rainforests.
Tully River rafting’s unique attribute is its ability to immerse you within an ancient rainforest environment while you endulge nature and the  adventures.

The Tully River White Water Rafting Championships provide participants and spectators with the opportunity to experience the ultimate adventure in Nature’s playground.
As it was ‘Designed by Nature’


Video show the sections of the Tully River that we intend to use for WRC events.

  • Tully River – Downriver video: Challenging – this shows the Downriver section.
  • Tully River – Snr Slalom Staircase video : Spectacular – this rapid is the ‘Staircase’ which will be the site of the Slalom Course (Open and Masters)
  • Tully River  Head to Head video : Unique – great video showing the Time Trial and Head To Head race sections. Note the hard lava-rock riverbanks, where we look to set up riverside grandstands and produce a day / night course. This day / night course with our time window will open up opportunities for sports media profile in Europe (mid-morning to afternoon) and in North & South America (6pm on – prime time). Also site for the Juniors Slalom course.
  • Tully River – Downriver start video : Fresh – presenting the Downriver start pool with the Ponytail Waterfall at 1m.11s (1.11) in to the video. This start allows for multiple raft starting positions
  • Tully River – Downriver finish video; Majestic – on-board video showing the bottom section of the Tully River including the bridge finish line for the Downriver race for both the Juniors and Seniors


River/s and section for each event discipline;

  • Sprint: Tully River, North Queensland
  • H2H: Tully River, North Queensland
  • Slalom: Tully River, North Queensland
  • Downriver: Tully River, North Queensland